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About Your Agent

Thank you for visiting my site and welcome.  I became a Travel Advisor to fulfill my dream of helping others see the world and, by promoting sustainable travel, we can help make the world a better place. I enjoy working out all the details of planning these itineraries and every trip inspires me for the next. 

As a child, my dad used to take us on a 2-3 week family adventure every year.  There were seven of us and we always looked forward to this time. This adventurous spirit had carried through to my much smaller family where we found solace exploring new places and enjoying many trips together.

I am a mother to two talented daughters and the wife of an adventurous Veteran.  We always love taking full advantage of any time off to get away, to disconnect and learn more about the world around us.


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Why Sustainable?

My travels had taken me to New Orleans where I volunteered to assist the Salvation Army after a devastating and destructive Hurricane. My compassion then extended beyond the United States when I traveled to Costa Rica and found much of the beautiful natural landscapes were being changed dramatically by large developers attempting to adapt to tourism. 


Travelling is all about learning the culture and natural beauty of every area we visit, isn't that what draws us there in the first place?  I feel it is in our best interest, and those generations to come, to do all that we can in preserving and protecting the local economy, culture and landscapes we encounter.  It fills me with great joy to connect travelers with those professionals and companies in the tourism industry who are passionate about preserving and maintaining their natural resources and communities.  

Our Mission

The conflict between wanting to see the world and needing to preserve it sparked this desire to provide sustainable hotels, activities, and tour options that preserve and maintain natural resources and communities.

Planning and booking your own trip could take hours and hours. Even then, it’s like drinking from a fire hose with all the information out there. Travel Advisors provide the kind of top-notch service that will help you conserve your most precious resource: time.  In addition to saving you time and money, we are available before, during, and after your trip as your advocate– so you can relax, explore and enjoy.

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