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Wellness & Relaxation

Traveling green doesn’t need to cost you a lot of green. 

You can reduce your impact on a destination without spending a fortune for the privilege. Always keeping in mind, these principles of sustainability:

1. Reduce plastic waste

2. Protect wildlife 

3. Eat local foods supporting local farmers

4. Give back to local communities 




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Some Ideal Locations 

Tropical Island

Conventional island cottages in Antilles complete with solar panels for electricity,hot showers, water-saving faucets, and a thriving compost pile.  You can eat at the hotel restaurant that uses plenty of organically-grown local produce of the Caribbean all for under $100 a day.


Portugal Yurt Retreat Among olive trees, mimosas and fruit trees lies a beautiful campsite where you can relax and enjoy nature with your children. In this corner of paradise you will find two beautiful yurts, the typical tents of Mongolia, with kitchen and private bathroom.

Italy glamping tenda-sotto-le-stelle.jpg

Would you like to sleep under the stars? This is the right place! You will be in the heart of Marche, on an organic farm that offers the chance to sleep in a round and transparent tent from which to admire the starry sky and wake up with the colors of dawn.

Desert rose.jpg

 Egypt's sustainable lodges near Pyramid Mountain made of local, natural materials like clay serve Middle Eastern food using organic ingredients grown in their garden.  The gardens include a small organic orchard with mango, banana, guava, orange, palm, olive and pomegranate trees and a small farm with organically grown vegetables.  Egypt’s famous and stunning White Desert is only an hour away.

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