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Immersive Cultural Travel

Not Cookie Cutter 

Immersive cultural experiences are not one-size

fits all.

If you're looking to:

  • Learn about the local culture

  • Genuinely connect with the people

  • Enjoy local cuisine

  • Explore Nature and be adventurous

  • Or even volunteer some of your time

You're in the right place! We connect you to authentic travel experiences meeting local and inviting hosts from all over the world.

Outside Dinner
Learn More About Certified Sustainable Travel

It's Your Story

Traveling is the best way to enjoy different cultures and landscapes while it breaks us away from what we are accustom to, it helps us see life with a refreshed and inspired perspective. This type of trip is perfect for those who yearn for something more than a nice hotel and a good view, although that is, of course, a reasonable request!

 "One of the most significant transformations underway in travel today is the idea that we 

can have the trip of a  lifetime while also caring for the local people and places that we visit".

  Virtuoso Sustainability





You Have Unbelievable Options

Where ever your dream destination is we'll be available before, during and after your trip to keep you organized, safe and relaxed. You might want to enjoy a weekend getaway with German Yogis at the local Ashram in Berlin or visit a Sustainable Village in Italy and enjoy a Homestay.  I know of a beautiful sustainable farm in Ireland with an historical sight on the premises, the owners love to share their farm and knowledge of Ireland with visitors form around the world. 

Windstar Cruises
Switzerland by Rail
colombia-coffee fields.jpg

Take a small ship sea or river cruise like Wind-star, Oceania, Hurtigruten, Uniworld or Viking River Cruises. These cruises are devoted to sustainable sailings all over the world, including Tahiti, Alaska, Mediterranean, Norway, Iceland getting into areas where larger ship cannot get to. You"ll enjoy seeing multiple cities while your luggage stays put. 

The Switzerland Grand Train Tour is the best way to see Switzerland iconic beauty.

Enjoy a train trip packaged just for you throughout Europe, US, Canada, South African or Asia.

Experience spending a few days on a coffee farm in South America to learn about the process and take part in the harvest. Take a Farm to Table Day during your stay in Europe with a family in Slovenia or France collecting locally grown foods and learning some new culinary tricks from the local chef.  



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