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Tips for Sustainable Travel

Our Responsibility

It’s about understanding that sustainable tourism, when done right, can be an experience enhancer, rather than a point of trade-off. I've found that creating a connection with local people and purchasing their goods and services amplifies your experience. You get a more authentic and memorable experience ensuring that your travel dollars are spent responsibly and kept in the local communities.

Conscious tourists take seriously:

  •   Respecting local customs and lifestyles

  •   Considering the impact of your presence

  •   Presenting yourself realistically

  •   Continuing the experience when you return home.        

  •   Sustainable vacation activities that add to vacation enjoyment

Travel Tips

  •  Always bring refillable water bottles and filtration straw

  •  Whenever shopping bring your own reusable shopping bag

  •  Always pack out what you've packed in

  •  Travel off season whenever possible

  •  Only purchase local goods and services

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