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We are in this Thing Together

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I watched a video this morning of some divers swimming with Rays, they were so excited and recorded every encounter. All of a sudden a dolphin approaches them, swimming around as if he had something to say. One of the divers noticed the dolphins fin wasn't moving right. He didn't have to move in closer to get a better look because the dolphin just kept swimming right up to him. (you can watch the video below)

Is this what we think of ourselves?

This video was very touching in the sense that the dolphin came to him for help, knowing that the diver could and would help him. There have been several occasions where dolphins have help people in the seas, what a blessing. We are connected, all life is connected. Doesn't that mean that the mindless, or voluntary, senseless things that we do wreak havoc on nature and ourselves? Isn't it then in our best interest to stop for a second and grab the reusable bag you've thrown in the car for shopping or carry your refillable bottle/mug for water or coffee? If you don't have these please purchase them.

There had been a few time I forgot my reusable bags in the car, I just let the cashier know I'll be right back with my bags. Better a little embarrassment now rather then a plastic planet later. I have forgotten my water bottle, and I'm not encouraging dehydration by any means, just purchase a bottle of water if you have forgotten or lost your reusable bottle, but please reuse the purchased one, over and over again. They are made of plastic, it lasts for 100 years!

When fishing or boating, don't leave fishing gear or trash behind, seams like a simple request but I am forever finding fishing line, hooks and garbage left behind. Also consider participating in community clean-up efforts. Whether at the beach, river or local park, trash can often find it's way into the ocean and present an entanglement risk. I feel like these dolphins are telling us that they know where these harmful foreign objects are coming from, we need to clean it up and stop polluting the earth. We can us biodegradable products and support those companies, cultures and people that work hard to see that generations to come will live in a world that is toxic free and environmentally friendly.

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