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Positive Impact Travel

   This is For You

 Luxury Travelers, Enthusiastic Adventurers, Relaxation seekers 

Creating the perfect trip can be overwhelming, seeking out the right people to help is key

 We can benefit local businesses, local people and local treasures while experiencing the best vacation.

You can enjoy your visit and make a positive impact wherever you go.

It's the only way to preserve the beauty of destinations we desire to visit!

Want to know how? You're in the right place.

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"Hi Mary, Today was a fantastic day!!  Thank you, I will definitely stay in touch for my next adventure!!

Thank You so much!!" 

— Gretchen

Collaborate With us

We work with many suppliers who are practicing sustainability, live in and contribute to the local community in a positive way. 

We'll get to know your preferences to instinctively anticipate your needs and wishes down to the smallest details.  You'll receive your dream trip & your life will be enhanced by making a positive impact.

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Promoting Sustainable Tourism is  key to the local Economy

Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist with the intention of leaving a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.

Understanding that sustainable tourism, when done right, can be an experience enhancer, rather than a point of trade-off.

Deliberately minding the steps we take, individually and together, will determine the world that we, and those who follow us will have to enjoy. 

About Me

It's such a pleasure to connect people with professionals in tourism around the world who are passionate about their destination scenery, accommodations and tours that preserve and maintain the natural resources and communities of the area. 


What sparked this desire to promote responsible travel?  The conflict between wanting to see the world and a great need to preserve it's beauty inspired me to align myself with companies, suppliers and businesses that do just that.

Mary F Valle, Travel Consultant

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